Our Vision Towards Human Values

We Are Moving With Objectives,Services and Plans


To create awareness and render medical service to economically backward people by providing specialised  treatment and care.


We accommodate 50 patients who are  requiring special treatment including sustance medication, physiotherapy, nursing and psychological counseling. 

Future Plans

To enhance existing facility and construct a new facility  for  children who require special neuropsychiatric attention .Also advanced diagonistics including a home dialysis facility.

This situation was widespread due to sheer poverty and lack of resources among the family members to provide institutional medical care for the ailing in their families. Lack of compassion for the sickly elderly was another reason for deserting these people thus there were sickly elderly, people deserted by their own families, friends, relations, society and the government. Here and there were some generous non-medical people running a few old age homes with survival diet, occasional medical care and with minimum physical and mental comfort. Seeing this our doctors, informally adopted the inmates of such old age homes and also a few orphanages and provided free medical check-ups, referrals to hospitals run by friendly doctors for X-Rays, scans, blood tests, minor surgeries, IV transfusions, vaccinations, pain relief -all at the expense of the doctors themselves and their doctor friends. So far, the Trust has conducted more than a 100 free medical camps in various rural areas around Madurai and this covered more than 25000 patients, every year, from 2014.

Gradually the focus of these doctors enlarged and made them institute a legally registered public charitable Trust in 2014 – with 5 post grade medical specialists as trustees and to start a full fledged centre named Nethravathi Pain, Palliative care and Rehabilitation centre in a semi rural area called Vilachery. By sheer providence an elderly retired couple who were themselves running an old age home for 16 years, elsewhere near Madurai. spending all their retirement benefits and a major portion of their pensions and also their manual labour in taking care of about 150 ailing people so far. This couple, as fortune would have it, read about our work in the newspapers, contacted us and volunteered to gift away 27 cents of land which they had purchased for building an old age home, in Vilachery itself. Gladly our centre Nethravathi Pain, Palliative Care and Rehabilitation centre is built and run on this gifted site. 4