Aishwaryam Trust Success Stories

Mrs. Uma, 55 year 

This is Mrs. Uma, 55 year old lady from Madurai. She and her sister are orphans and unmarried. They were working in a nearby temple to earn their food. Unfortunately her sister passed away due to health issues recently. Due to which she got depressed and suffered from severe nutritional deficiency due to inadequate food intake and was left to die in the streets since there was nobody to take care of her. One of the social activist called us and informed about her and brought her to our centre on 28-10-2020. On receival she was very weak and could only walk with support. Her skin was papery white due to severe anemia ( low blood hemoglobin) HB - (3.9gm/dl) normal HB ( 12-14 gm/dl) . She is not able to swallow any solid food due to this and now she is on only liquid diet. We have sought a general physician opinion and planning for blood transfusion she's being treated with iron and vitamin supplements. Now she's part of our Nethravathi family and she needs all your support both morally and financially.

Mr Singaravelan,
54 year 

This is 54 year old gentleman Mr Singaravelan, from Neyveli , a bachelor , his parents passed away 15 years ago after being bedridden for a long period of time, due to a chronic illness..since he has to take care of his parents he didn't get married.. he was dependant on his friends in Neyveli... Unfortunately a year ago he was affected by stroke after which he couldn't move his left hand and legs and speech was also altered.. his friends came to know about our nethravathi palliative care centre and admitted him here a year ago.. upto 6 months they were supporting him for his care and food, but unfortunately they stopped supporting him as well as visiting him after 6 months... Now he is nethravathi family and we r completely taking care of him... Due to our team efforts he is now able to walk with a walker.. but we r confident to make him walk soon without support.... He now needs both moral and financial support.

75 years 

Mrs. Thangapushpam,75 years old women was born and brought up in Thanjavur. She has a daughter and a son; both were not taking care of her after the property was divided.She moved to Kumbakonam and was living in her relative’s home and was helping them in their household work.
Unfortunately she slipped from the steps and was unable to walk.
She was abandoned and fortunately one kind hearted person guided her towards our center. With the reference of Mr. Manikandan,on 11th June 2020 she got admitted in our center. She is now getting hospice services at our Aishwaryam Trust.
She is happy and relieved from all her sorrows 

Mrs. Arasi
75 years 

On 19th January 2020, 75 years old lady named Arasi was rescued by our Aishwaryam team in the street corner near Thiruparamkundram. Her address was traced out by our staffs. On 16th February 2020 she was reunited with her family. Due to age factor she lost her memory and went out from her family 3 months back. Her family members are very much happy and thank to our Aishwaryam Trust.


Mrs.Devaki w/o Mr. Chandran who was found abandoned on a roadside in Madurai was rescued by AISHWARYAM TRUST team on 09.06.2019 .She was found opposite to IOC office , madurai. During rescue she was semi conscious and also at the risk of sever dehydration , hence was admitted in NETHRAVATHI PAIN AND PALLIATIVE CARE CENTRE for further evaluation and treatment. She was given continuous medical support to make her physically fit. Then her address was traced by our group, now she was reunited with her family.